Corporate Rorschach Test isn’t Always Pretty

  Early reviews of my novel, A Turn in Fortune, suggest the ink on its pages presents a corporate Rorschach test. Nobody has yet to see a beautiful butterfly emerging from [...]

Addressing investor inquiries on environmental and social issues

Through positive engagement, IROs can avoid seeing unsuccessful inquiries escalate into resolutions Forty-nine percent of shareholder resolutions in 2016 addressed an environmental or social issue and the path to these [...]

Evolutions In Social Media That Communicators Need To Know

A few weeks ago, the hubbub that was New York Social Media Week (NYSMW) saw an eclectic group of marketers, advertisers, storytellers, content creators, technologists, data junkies, researchers and journalists descend on [...]

March 18th, 2015|Corporate Communications|0 Comments

Janitor Teaches Lesson: Cleaning Up Change Communications

Among the many do’s and don’ts of how companies communicate disruptive change to employees is this: Don’t leave it to the janitor. In a struggling enterprise where I where worked [...]

March 9th, 2015|Corporate Communications|0 Comments

Company Founders: A Different Breed of Cat

Any entrepreneur willing to tell their story finds a ready audience in me. I’ve always been intrigued by people with an exquisitely well-timed idea, and I interviewed many of the [...]

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