What We Do


Real world problems


Standing out from the competition

Many companies fight for attention in crowded spaces. We help identify a brand proposition that delivers higher margins because it’s based on value: quality, care, service, unique utility.

Telling your story

Companies must clearly define their business differentiation – or competitors and critics will. We develop a range of content material for companies to use to their advantage, including website copy, case studies, blogs, brochures, presentation decks, videos and social media.


With so many communication needs – and a finite budget – how do you sort through what you should do first, second, third? We help you work through it according to what’s most important to you, what you can afford, and what you can safely defer.

Gathering resources

As the communications marketplace evolves, companies are outsourcing many of their communications needs to specialists. We identify what sorts of resources you need, develop RFPs and help select – and, as needed, manage – those resources.


Brand strategy

We developed the brand strategy for a $30 billion company that wanted to change its name and its identity to signify its continuing transformation. The new brand was developed and delivered through our partnership with one of the leading branding companies in the world.

Attracting investor interest

We translate the excitement, expertise and innovation of start-up entrepreneurs into materials that translate complex technologies or unique service offerings into language anyone can understand.

Resolving message conflicts

It’s not always easy to walk the talk. We help you find the sweet spot between your current reality and your aspirations, harmonizing your messaging so that there is no confusion about who you really are. It’s not just what you say about your company – it’s what you don’t say.


Company errors

Bad things sometimes happen to good companies. When they do, we help identify ways to minimize the damage to the reputation of the company and its people, products and services. Through our extensive background in media training, we prepare you for difficult questions.

Public attacks

When your story gets away from you, how can you fight back? We start by gathering facts and understanding context to make your case in the best possible way. We then use the facts to vigorously advocate on your behalf and change the narrative.


People in high-stress positions atop businesses sometimes need to discuss their ideas or talk about their frustrations with someone else who’s been there and faced some of the same challenges they have. We make ourselves accessible at any time, by phone, text, videoconference or whatever you need.


Indelable offers remote media training for executives preparing for media appearances from their homes or offices.