Sarah Collier

Director, Client Services



A Track Record of Getting Things Done

Sarah Collier has spent a career working with senior corporate officials to translate strategy into successful projects and events. She develops the big plan and executes the small details.

Communicating Corporate Change

As a communications manager at Hess Corporation in New York, Sarah developed and executed a broad range of projects and events that increased employee engagement at a time of critical change for the company. Sarah created Hess’ first CEO Global Town Hall, providing employees worldwide a vision of the company’s strategic plan through a live event broadcast globally.

Sarah also worked with senior communications executives on other high-profile projects, including a redesign of the company’s public website and completion of its Corporate Sustainability Report. In addition, she worked with the head of communications on the successful transition of a New York-based communications team to Houston.

Putting The Spotlight On An Iconic Brand

While at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, Sarah worked in executive communications supporting the company’s CEO and in product communications, where she helped launch key vehicles. Sarah managed more than 40 media events for Ford, handling planning, logistics and budgeting for high-profile programs attended by the nation’s top auto reporters. These events included the national media launch of the Mustang, Taurus and Edge as well as major presentations at the North American International Auto Show and Los Angeles International Auto Show. She also planned and managed logistics for the 100th Anniversary of the historic Model T.

A Walk In The Park

Sarah is a native of metro Detroit and has a bachelor’s of science in math from Eastern Michigan University. In her spare time, Sarah and her husband, Joe Guy, enjoy exploring their Upper Manhattan neighborhood with their daughter Neve and dog Oliver.