What We Do


Define your story

Whether you’re an established company or an emerging business preparing for an IPO, we can create a communications strategy to support your aspirations. This may include developing your company’s mission, vision and values; building a message platform for internal and external audiences; creating stories that bring your brand to life; and outlining a media engagement plan.

Activate your brand

Indelable makes the most of your brand by integrating it into the way you run your business, enlisting partners in brand delivery and involving stakeholders who impact your success. We identify opportunities that align your organization to deliver the brand promise, form strategic partnerships and inspire employees to own the brand every day.


Communicate change

If your company is restructuring, undergoing a merger or acquisition, or introducing a new strategy or leader, Indelable can deliver a communication strategy and work with you through its execution, including key messages, media relations, stakeholder engagement, outreach and feedback mechanisms, and cultural integration.

Engagement & culture

Inspiring and motivating your employees, suppliers and other key partners to get behind your business objectives requires extensive two-way engagement. Whether its enabling your employees to deliver the strategy, building the right company culture, gaining support for a sustainability initiative, or enlisting your suppliers’ best efforts, we identify gaps and opportunities and propose solutions to get you to your goal.


C-suite & leadership

Enable your leadership to communicate with clarity, credibility and authenticity. We work with top executives to establish their unique voice, present their ideas with conviction and inspire others to follow. This can include developing leadership profiles that resonate with critical audiences, coaching for presentations and interviews, and finding opportunities for thought leadership.

Citizenship & sustainability

We help companies communicate their response to increasing demands for transparency in the way they do business. Indelable will benchmark how you present your sustainability story, propose enhancements, advise on managing challenging public issues, create a stakeholder engagement approach and identify strategic alliances.